Feeling like you have lost yourself after a break up?

I am here to guide, support and empower you through your journey.

I want you to know you are worthy of love, you deserve to feel empowered and you have the ability to stand in your truth and take back control.

This is Tash

Master NLP Practitioner

Toxic Relationship & Narcissist specialist

I am your go to girl for empowerment, 

If you are feeling you need more support to get through what is coming up for you in life right now. Whether that be a Break up, negative mindset or low self esteem.

We cover it all.

I am your spiritual break up coach who is obsessed with helping others reconnect with themselves and find their true purpose after a break up.

I have built the life of my dreams where I am in a constant state of growth & development, whilst travelling to the most beautiful places.

I say this because all of this can be yours too and I am here to support and shine a light on a different way of living.

You'll find me hiking on weekends & connecting to nature, strolling along the beach and being by the sea is my happy place aswell as delving in to the world of spiritual development through Yoga, Meditation and Reiki & plant medicine.

I have built a circle of empowered females who I love & this collective of women will continue to grow and I would love to have you a part of it.


Going through a break up?

When going through a breakup, you can sometimes feel alone and stuck in the fear of moving forward. You feel like your friends aren’t listening to you anymore and they just don’t understand how you’re feeling.

Getting a coach was the best thing I ever did. I had a space where I could talk open and honestly without the fear of being judged. I discovered so much about myself and I was supported in all of the inner healing I needed to do to become the empowered woman I am today.

All of my clients leave each program feeling empowered in their breakup and they are no longer living in fear of ending up alone.


They stand strong in their power and have done all the inner healing to attract the right person into their lives.

Whether it's a recent break up with an ex or you feel ready to break up with toxic behaviour.

The Empowered Collective has your back.

We raise your vibrations through NLP techniques, EFT Tapping & inner child healing.

What would your life look like if you could let go of the past?

If you were to really think about it, is your past holding you back? Do you feel like you are carrying old wounds in to new relationships?

Now is the time to invest in yourself. To stop letting your past control you.

Finally say YES to feeling empowered and be supported on your journey to

becoming your best self.

Whether you are recently going through a break up or you are still trying to heal.

 I want you to know that all of your feelings are valid.

Imagine how you would feel knowing that you have happier, healthier relationships. Not just with others, but the relationship you have with yourself.

Using NLP techniques, inner child healing and my own personal empowering methods.

We work together to heal, grow and develop and let go of what is not yours too carry.


The Empowered Collective supports you in gaining clarity, confidence and a strong belief that anything is possible.

I support you in reconnecting with your soul and why you are here.


The Empowered Collective

Within the Empowered programs, I help and support you in finding your true self and let go of what is no longer serving you.


The world as it is can mean we sometimes lose ourselves in other peoples thoughts, perceptions and especially when we get in to intimate relationships.


I am here to support you in breaking down those barriers and reconnecting with YOU.

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Meet Tash