What is an Empowered Card reading?

Card readings have been created to help you connect with your wisdom. To hear the whispers of your soul and to bring your life in to alignment.

Card reading has changed my life and it has allowed me to become more empowered in every decision I make, knowing that the universe has my back.

So, let me break down the readings within The Empowered Collective:

Soul Callings

The Soul Calling spread is a great one for getting into a dialog with your soul. This two card layout will provide clear guidance on what your soul is calling you towards.

Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity is a fantastic three card layout for checking in with your head, body & heart. If you are feeling like you need a little extra guidance and clarity. This is the perfect one for you.

Cosmic Cross

The Cosmic Cross layout is great when you are looking for more detailed guidance. Find out where you are in your present time, what your soul is calling you to do, what you need to know right now and you past life influence.

All card readings come detailing everything that came up during the pulling of your cards and you will receive a personalised document that you can refer back to at any time.

This is your sign to
work your light

Since beginning my journey and connecting to source energy, I have felt like I have opened up to everything that the universe has to offer.

I am spiritually awakened and feel like my true purpose is to help others achieve the same.

My aim with all of my readings is to help you gain clarity & guidance on where you are in your life.

When you order your reading, hold the question that you are living into in your heart.