1:1 Coaching

All Programs within The Collective are listed below with new courses coming soon, aswell as bonus content being added monthly to all courses.

Investing in yourself is hard because it's not something we do very often. Spending money on ourselves can feel uncomfortable especially when we are going in to unknown territory.

Believe me, I've been there. I've had the internal battle of wondering if I can afford it or whether I am worthy of the investment.

But I can now say with confidence, investing in myself has been the best investment I have ever made.


To make it easier I offer multiple payment plans and even if you can't find one that suits you, then we can have a conversation to find something that works for you.


At Empowered with Natasha, we want this to be accessible to everyone.


Because we all deserve to grow in to our best self.

VIP 1:1 Coaching

The Empowered Program

6 week 1:1 coaching program

The Love Yourself Program

12 week 1:1 coaching program

1:1 Healing Sessions

Due to demand I am now offering individual 1:1 Healing sessions.

These sessions are 1 off healing sessions to support you in getting the guidance you need to move forward and equipping you with the tools and techniques to heal in a way that is serving you.

The healing session is a 60 minute 1:1 call where I will guide and support you on your healing journey and through your break up. Once the session is completed you will then recieve a full write up and tools & techniques to help you moving forward.

You will also have the opportunity to have a card reading throughout the session if this is something you are feeling called to do.

There is limited availability for these sessions per month with only 2 spaces available each month where I will hold space for you to release and let go.

Click below to book in your 1:1 Healing Session with Tash now.

The break up to breakthrough

The break up to breakthrough program opens it's doors 4 times a year, this allows us to create a safe space where women can heal together and grow from everything they have been through.

This program has been designed for anyone who is coming out of a toxic relationship and is ready to heal.

It has been designed for anyone who has been with a narcissist and feels like they have completely lost themselves.

You know you aren't a victim but you want to feel like you are in control again.


For so long you have felt like you've been in the wrong, you've not felt good enough and you have been made to feel like you are going crazy.

Today, we say no more. We say we want to feel empowered and we want to rise again.

We want to heal from everything we have been through and we want to move forward.

Because we deserve it. 

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